This game aims to be clean, elegant, lightweight and deprived of any frictions for the player.

Every new game is winnable

A Web Worker runs in the background to generate random cards distributions and attempt to solve the game like a human would. If the algorithm is able to solve the game, it's then added to a stack from which games are picked every time you start a new game. (It's not a guarantee that you'll solve the game tho, it depends on the choices you make, in which order, etc)

Custom drag-and-drop code

The default browser behaviour requires you to place the cursor directly on the element on which you want to drop something. But what if you grab a card by the bottom-right corner and drop it on a pile with just the top-right corner above the pile ? I take that edge case into account (and some others) to make sure it's friction-less and pleasant to use.

Hints and auto-complete

Using the game-solving algorithm, I added a button that can give you hints or auto-complete the game when all cards have been revealed. There is no pre-calculated path to victory, the algorithm just suggest the most useful move based on the current state of the game (it does not see in advance every possible outcomes).

Lightweight and fast

It's made with VueJS and other web technologies so it's pretty fast and has a small footprint on ressources.

I couldn't find a plain and simple Klondike solitaire game that is also good-looking and well executed so I (hopefully) made one.

There is still some things I want to add (like sounds, daily achievements, tutorial, multiplayer somehow?, etc.) but so far the game is very playable as it is.

The game is hosted here if you want to play directly (the version is just an embed of this url).

Release date Jun 16, 2020
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Card Game
Tagsbrowser, klondike, solitaire, vuejs
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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I love the pleasant look of cards, and colors that you've chosen. The shadows, small rotation offsets of the placed cards make it look very interesting, yet elegant. I was surprised that it has worked on my phone, I thought that I'll have to use my computer in order to play that. Good job!


Hey thanks a lot for the kind words, It's very pleasant to read !! and thanks for taking the time to check this "less exciting" game, hopefully one day I'll also have some cool 3D games to show, like you do ! hehe :)